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The Cypress Semiconductor PSoC3® and PSoC® 5LP are a true programmable embedded systems-on-chip. They integrate configurable analog and digital peripheral functions, memory and a microcontroller on a single chip. The PSoC3 uses the 8-bit 8051 whereas the PSoC5LP uses the 32-bit Cortex M3 from ARM.

PSoC Creator

PSoC Creator is the sophisticated IDE available as a free download from Cypress Semiconductor. Here you configure the I/O "peripherals" on the chip and write the supporting firmware. PSoC Programmer is included with the PSoC Creator download. It programs the PSoC chip via an FX2 programmer on the Powerfulboard. You can set breakpoints and use the debugger.


Powerful Board's PSoC3PIM1and PSoC5PIM1 boards provide:

  • direct access to most pins on the PSoCs,
  • USB or external power,
  • a firmware programming capability using only a USB cable connected to your PC.

The boards feature two USB connectors - one for firmware programming and the other for host communication. This support of USB communication with a host differentiates them from other available products. All this at less than the price of a ski ticket.

Firmware and Host Application Software

We offer sample firmware and host application programs for MS Windows and Linux.

Next Steps

See our video Introduction to PSoCXPIM1.
Explore the hardware, firmware and software using the menu above or use the links in the sidebar on the left to order online.


Send your questions to support@ansync.com. We are happy to receive them and will help if we know the answer. Check our FAQ above first.

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