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Host Software

This note describes the host software available from Powerful Board for your PSoCXPIM1 board.
The software includes host software for both MS Windows and Linux.
Host software is available at http://code.google.com/p/powerfulboard
This software is available as open source.

Also required is a shared library called by the host software (libusb.dll or libusb.so) and a usb driver. The usb driver is libusb for Linux and libusb-win32 for MS Windows.
  • The shared library for MS Windows is available in binary form here: download
  • The shared library for Linux is available in binary form here: download

The current host software uses a Node.js web server and a browser as a client. We have also developed host software in C, C## and Python. Contact us if one of these
better meets your need.

Here is a diagram of the software components.

The provided JavaScript programs operate in a Node.js environment. You will need to download Node.js and the node module ffi.
Install the usb driver:

  • for Linux install libusb-0.1 (legacy version)
  • for Windows install libusb-win32

The JavaScript routines are derived from a Node.js tutorial The Node Beginner Book. Working through the tutorial will give you a good understanding of Node.js applications and hence the JavaScript programs supplied here.
There are other Node.js modules that we use for product development but they have not been used here to ease understanding of the basic approach.
Once you are familiar with the supplied programs we recommend you explore the use of these other Node.js modules:

  • Express
  • Now
  • Jade

We have used jQuery UI to make a better UI than html/css based elements.

Detailed instructions for Microsoft Windows

More detailed instructions for a Microsoft Windows environment.

Support and Feedback

The supplied code is for demonstration purposes. Do not use it for control of a nuclear power station or a launch control site without contacting us.
Comments are welcome and support available at support@ansync.com.
You can sign up for an account on this website. Please send an email introducing yourself to the email address above and we will grant you enhanced permission to comment on the site.
Comments are particularly welcome as we check that we have provided all the necessary software in the repository and on this site. We also welcome comments on this Application Note.

Check List

You will need the following software and firmware elements:

Component MS Windows Linux
Logic elements Use PSoC Creator to define your logic using Powerful Board demo as example as for Windows
Firmware Develop under PSoC Creator using Powerful Board demo as example as for Windows
USB driver libusb.sys from libusb-win32 included in Linux kernel
libusb API library libusb.dll from libusb-win32 libusb.a from libusb. Included in libvita.so
Ansync USB device support library libvita.dll libvita.so
Host web server Node.js Node.js
Host application programs Develop JavaScript programs using Powerful Board demo as example as for Windows

Software is available for download from:


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