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This note describes the PSoC firmware available from Powerful Board for your PSoCXPIM1 board.
The firmware is available at http://code.google.com/p/powerfulboard
It is available as open source.

There are three firmware packages:

  1. boardtest01
  2. ledblink01
  3. pininout

We suggest you focus on (2) and (3)
(2) is a minimal firmware package. If you connect an LED and series resistor to Pin 1 then the firmware will flash your LED. It does not communicate with the host.
Try this first to prove that you are successfully using PSoC Creator to define the design and to compile the firmware. You will also need to program the device with your built image.
(3) is simple firmware that accepts USB messages from the host. Each message has a command byte followed by a message number.
Command byte=1 is "get". The firmware returns the message number and the state of 32 pins.
Command byte=2 is "set". The firmware sets 32 pins as defined by the message and returns the message number and the state of 32 pins.


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