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By Robert Miller, 12/06/2014 - 21:06

What happens when you are running PSoC Creator© and you plug a usb cable into your PSoC3PIM1 or PSoC5PIM1 board?

First we hope you plug it into the right end. Choose the socket nearest the FX2 chip. Your board ships with a Cypress Vendor ID and Product ID loaded into the eeprom on the board. The product ID is different for the two boards: PSoC3PIM1 is F12A and PSoC5PIM1 is F131. These product ID's tell MS Windows© to use the appropriate Cypress device driver. This device driver loads firmware into the FX2 chip and increments the product ID in the usb descriptor by 1. The chip is reset so that the new firmware load executes and identifies itself to Windows with the incremented Product ID. (Cypress calls this Re-enumeration©). This firmware works with PSoC Creator to program the PSoC chip and to provide the debugging environment. If you load the sample code into the PSoC chip it identifies itself to Windows with an Ansync. Inc Vendor ID and Product ID. As part of the process to install libusb-win32 you associate these ID's with the libusb-win32 driver. Remember to plug into the usb socket at the other end of the board near the PSoC chip.



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